Parade Marshals

Contact Information:
Tabor Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
PO Box 21
Tabor, SD 57063


1964-George B. German

1965-Lou Prohut

1966-Charles Rokusek

1967-Albert G. Honner

1968-Barney O. Hroza

1969-James Kocer

1970-Anna Schuch

1971-Emil Blachnik

1972-Laddie Kostel

1973-Edward Petrik

1974-Lloyd Aten

1975-Norby Mach

1976-Dan Toczek

1977-Frank Vaith

1978-Sylvester Pechan

1979-Frank J. Petrik

1980-Emil Kutilek

1981-Bernard Zitka

1982-Emil Rezac

1983-Caroline King

1984-Leo Hroza

1985-Bill and Helen Fejfar

1986-Clarence and Helen Vlasak

1987-Leonard and Mildred Cimpl

1988-Leonard and Amy Rokusek

1989-Dennis and Sherry Povondra

1990-Bill and Susan Showers

1991-Alvin and Ruth Sternhagen

1992-Bob and Karen Caba

1993-Henry and Vince Adam

1994-Rosie M. Kortan

1995-James and Frances Rokusek

1996-Josephine Kutilek

1997-Monsignor Carlton Hermann

1998-All Former Czech Days Queens

1999-All Current and Former Beseda Dancers

2000-Don and Kathy Kortan

2001-Roman and Frances Honner

2002-Marvin and Rayna Merkwan

2003-Arlene Kronaizl

2004-Ray and Irene Kocer

2005-John and Joyce Hauck

2006-Harold J. Sykora

2007-Don and Rita Fejfar

2008-Stan and Rita Varilek

2009-Dave and Carole Kloucek

2010-Emil and Evelyn Beran

2011-Robert and Loretta Kortan

2012-Ruth Melichar

2013-Doug and Claudette Sternhagen

2014-Mark and Char Kronaizl

2015-Darrell and Ann Beran
2016-Cheryl Hovorka
Dan and Jean Hunhoff are lifelong boosters of Tabor and Czech Days. Jean grew up in Tabor, the daughter of Leonard and Amy Rokusek, and has always been involved in the community. After attending St. Wenceslaus Catholic Elementary, Tabor, Tyndall-Tabor High School, SDSU, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the University of Minnesota, she settled into a career of nursing and health care administration.
She says lessons learned in Tabor about faith, family and community have served as a guide throughout her career and public service endeavors.

Dan grew up on a farm near Utica, the grandson of a Czech immigrant (Mary Vlasak Hunhoff). He attended Yankton High School and graduated from USD/S after serving with the U.S. Marines during the Vietnam War. He operated an outdoor power equipment and motorcycle business for ten years and then returned to school at the University of South Dakota and became a physical therapist.

The Hunhoffs are now “mostly retired,” and enjoying new opportunities and adventures, including even more involvement in the Tabor community. For example, they opened a sports bar with their son and daughter-in-law in Yankton and named it Czeckers. The eatery specializes in wings but a Czech menu also features duck, dumplings, sauerkraut and kolaces on weekends. Though they still live in Yankton, they own a farm just north of Main Street in Tabor.

Jean and son, Matt, have been active in Czech Days, serving as MCs for the event for many years. Dan and Jean are active in the American Legion and Auxiliary, serving as officers. Both belong to the Tabor Chamber of Commerce and the Tabor Development Corporation. They recently bought a downtown building and plan to open a business there.

Jean cherishes her Tabor roots; as mayor of Yankton she good-naturedly referenced Yankton as a suburb to “the great town of Tabor.” She serves in the S.D. House of Representatives from District 18, and always looks for opportunities to support Czech heritage through the efforts of the Tabor Chamber and fellow lawmakers from the area.

Dan and Jean are parents of Matt (Kelsey) Hunhoff, Nick (Shaina Riggs), Abbey and (Dan) Kokesh, and Paul (Darcy Murphy) and four grandchildren, Kellen, Sivelen, Tori, and Benjamin. The Hunhoff family members are all Beseda dancers and volunteers at the Legion Hall. Abbey often demonstrates her kolache baking skills.

As parade marshals, they welcome everyone to Tabor in 2017. “You may come alone but you will leave with a whole new groups of friends,” says Jean. “Vitame Vas!”